Beautiful and Meaningful Birthday Poems to Make Your Grandmother Touched


Poems are a great way of expressing feelings. They convey words with a rhythm that are hard to forget and this makes the same words create a deeper impact on the reader’s emotions than prose on the same subject. This is why poetry has been the choice of expression for lovers, philosophers and several great thinkers over the centuries. You could write the birthday poems for grandmother to make her feel special and blessed by having a grandchild who loves her so much. We would like to present you many beautiful and meaningful birthday poems for grandmother that we have collected.

Poem 1

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday, Grandma

It’s your special day

You show us how you love us

In so many ways


You make us feel like stars

You’re our biggest fan

You cheer and clap the loudest

When we do the best we can


You’re always up for fun

And ready for us to laugh

Crazy games of dominoes and spoons

Are always a good time with Grandma


You make us feel special with lots of hugs and treats

Like we’re the most important in the world

We think you’re very sweet.Beautiful and Meaningful Birthday Poems to Make Your Grandmother Touched 1

Poem 2

I hope I have your genes

Not just those of mom and dad

For I want those qualities

That you have always had

I want your intelligence

Dexterity and grace

I want your agility

Along with your beautiful face

I want everything that would

Make me your replica

Because you are the most

Amazing woman, dear grandma

Happy birthdayBeautiful and Meaningful Birthday Poems to Make Your Grandmother Touched 2

Poem 3

All these years you have spoiled me enough

But you have also taught me how to be tough

How can I forget all the fun times that we shared

Patience and concern for me, how you have always spared

Your wise words and warm hugs, I will never forget

I will draw inspiration from them, whenever I am upset

Happy birthday, to the most amazing grandmother

Like your impact on my life, there can be no otherBeautiful and Meaningful Birthday Poems to Make Your Grandmother Touched 3

Poem 4

You’re such a lovely grandma in every kind of way.

That’s why this wish brings so much love to fill your special day.

It comes with warmest memories of caring things you’ve done.

The countless happy times we’ve shared so treasured every one.

And now your birthdays here it brings a chance to let you know,

as birthdays come and go because it brings so much happiness each day the whole year through

to have a grandma who is really wonderful like you.Beautiful and Meaningful Birthday Poems to Make Your Grandmother Touched 4

Poem 5

You are my dear nan

You are my lovely gran

You are my sweetie

You are so lovely

You are like my pal

You are such a fun gal

You are so adorable

Granny, you are so special

Happy birthday

Poem 6

I have a special place in my heart

just for people who are too wonderful to forget.

And you my dearest grandma are the best in the world I bet

With love and hugs returned to you ten times more

I love you Grandma and to you I will say “I adore”

We hope that you will like these beautiful and meaningful birthday poems for grandmother.  You are welcome to choose the one you like best to send to your beloved grandmother. Thanks for choosing our page to find birthday poems for grandmother!


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