Lovely and Thoughtful Birthday Poems to Send to Your Dear Grandmother


You can wish your grandmother a happy birthday by writing a sweet poem that makes the old lady break into a heart-warming smile. You can write it on a greeting card and hand it to her in person. Make her proud to have such considerate and loving grandson or granddaughter like you. All these years, your grandmother has showered her undying love on your dad, mom and now her grandkids – her birthday is your chance to give it back. Now you can have a look at the lovely and thoughtful birthday poems for grandmother below.

Poem 1

Happy Birthday Grandma

I thought of you today
And started feeling sad
I remembered all the good times
And even some of the bad
Today is your birthday
I feel alone and down
I wish you were here with me
Perhaps we’d paint the town

I miss you more than most
I think of you each day
My heart has been so empty
Since you went away
All I have are memories
That keep you close at heart
Photographs and recipes
That keep me from falling apart

Oh my dear, Grandma
How I miss you so
I long to share the memories
Of days of long ago
Someday I will join you
Not to far from now
For now I’ll simply treasure
Everything I’ve learned some how

For you are in the heavens
With God high above
Remember on this birthday
It’s you I truly love
I will smile through the day
And say a little prayer
For I will always miss you
And wish that you were here

Angel Marie Schmidt, USALovely and Thoughtful Birthday Poems to Send to Your Dear Grandmother 1

Poem 2

Kids who don’t have grandmas

Would never come to know

How life without one

Can be so dull and low

Kids who haven’t seen

A grandma’s love and care

Of life’s sweetest emotions

Would never be aware

But God has give me

No such chance to complain

Thanks Heavens, I have you

Else I would have gone insane

Happy birthdayLovely and Thoughtful Birthday Poems to Send to Your Dear Grandmother 2

Poem 3

Soft and tender

Is her heart

Yet she is crackling wise

And uber smart

Sweet and affectionate

Are her ways

To listen to her advice

It always pays

Happy birthday grandma

Poem 4

Although your hands are jittery

And you are a little fidgety

Although you have become finicky

And a bit emotionally touchy

Although you are sometimes grumpy

And also slightly moody

I still think you are sweet, cute and funny

Happy birthday to the most awesome grannyLovely and Thoughtful Birthday Poems to Send to Your Dear Grandmother 3

Poem 5

Heart Of Hearts

My grandmother is quite a remarkable woman,

She’s a unique combination of warmth, kindness laughter and love

She ignores each and every one of my faults, helps me pursue my dreams,

She lauds my every success; she means nothing but the world to me,

My grandmother is blessed with the wisdom of a great teacher, maybe even a great preacher,

She is as sincere as my truest friend, and showers unconditional love, like a mother,

She’s my everything, I admire her, respect her, and love her much too much,

In my heart, dearest grandma, you will always be, the dearest one to me,

You are the most precious person in my life, you really are,

The shining star, the crazy diamond, with a light shines oh-so-far,

My dearest grandma, heart of hearts, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday,

Your love and memories, for me, I’m hoping are here to stay.

We hope that these lovely and thoughtful birthday poems for grandmother can be helpful for you. You are welcome to choose the poem you like most to send to your beloved grandmother. Thanks for choosing our page to find birthday poems for grandmother!


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