Romantic and Touching Birthday Wishes That Your Girlfriend Will Never Forget


Is your girlfriend’s birthday coming? Most people send quite a number of gifts in a year on their friends, family and their loved ones. The most waited day in our life, birth date shows that on that day we have started our journey of life in this earth and started to learn something different. This is a day when we take oath to do something better ahead. We would like to introduce to you several romantic and touching birthday wishes for girlfriend that she will never forget.

  • My dearest, words cannot possibly describe how much I love you so let me tell you what you mean to me with a birthday kiss. Happy birthday!
  • This is just an SMS to tell you how much I love you and miss you and can’t wait to see you. I hope you have a wonderful day today. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel about you but then I’d have to write a novel and that can be hard to read on your phone. So let me just say that I feel like every day is my birthday because I get to spend it with you.
  • You are wonderful. You are kind. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are fun. You are everything good. Happy birthday, darling. Don’t ever change.
  • Guess who’s got two thumbs and is wishing the most fantastic person in the world a happy birthday today? Me! Happy birthday, lovey. I can’t wait to spend tonight with you.Romantic and Touching Birthday Wishes That Your Girlfriend Will Never Forget 1
  • The way you laugh, the way you smile, the way you are, all of it makes me fall for you every time I see you. I can’t wait to make you feel just as special as you are today.
  • Happy birthday to my one and only!
  • Wish you a colourful, pretty and romantic Happy Birthday.
  • Let my love envelop you and make you circulate to the world of fantasy in your birthday.
  • Your birthday is unconditionally particular to me, as particular as you might be in my life.
  • Let us fly collectively by means of the breeze of affection in your birthday.
  • Wishing the love of my life the happiest birthday she ever had.
  • I am sending a flock of affection birds to want you Happy Birthday.Romantic and Touching Birthday Wishes That Your Girlfriend Will Never Forget 2
  • Have a beautiful birthday my sweetheart.
  • I’ve been ready a yearlong to want my girlfriend a stunning Happy Birthday, and can achieve this perpetually.
  • My heart is like a labyrinth for you, my love. On every nook and turn you will find a special secret and a special surprise kept waiting especially for you. Go play! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  • I can’t put a price on our memories, but I can make them better by adding a few more to the pile! Happy birthday, love.
  • This is your special day. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Loves and hugs.
  • I am so glad that I can share this special day with my favourite person.
  • If I could only have one wish I would wish for you to see how others see you, and then you will know how one of a kind and special you are.
  • Happy Birthday to the sunshine of my life.Romantic and Touching Birthday Wishes That Your Girlfriend Will Never Forget 3
  • If I stay in one other life once more, I will select to dwell with you once more. Happy Birthday
  • I have been counting down the days to your birthday for the last 365 days! And finally it has arrived in all its glory and beauty. I hope that my queen is feeling on top of the world today. Happy birthday to my lady love.
  • May we celebrate your birthday together with the promise that we will never fall apart and that we will always be there for each other. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you.
  • Your birthday makes me remember why we’re meant to be together. It reminds me of all the beautiful moments I’ve spent with you. It is like a good omen, whispering to me about the good times to come. Happy birthday, my lady luck.
  • On your birthday today, I dedicate all the roses, rainbows and smiles of the world to you. May you live long to see all the beautiful memories that God had planned especially for you to experience. Happy birthday, dear.

If you like these romantic and touching birthday wishes for girlfriend, feel free to take them to write on message, text, status update for your girlfriend. We hope that you can give her a special gift with a heartfelt birthday message.


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